AMEVA President Word

I am very happy to welcome you to the website of the Green Energies and Alternative Moroccan Association AMEVA, which was Created in late 2016, its mission is to be an active player, by research in the field of renewable alternative energies, by contributing to the creation of new ways of producing clean alternatives or improving existing ones. .

Improving clean energy conversion efficiency by processes such as photovoltaics is a big challenge for many academicand industrial researchers. The creation of such associations will at least have the merit of being beneficial to facilitate the general mobilization around a broader issue, the one that concerns us all in priority: preserving our environment quality.

AMEVA is aware of the efforts need to exchange knowledge, ideas and results of interdisciplinary research coordinated to meet the needs of society to inform decision-makers about the benefits of using green energy.

Dear AMEVA members and friends, this website is yours and it’s up to you to make it alive. The office welcomes you to your website. The association can become more attractive if we all agree to share our knowledge.

Academics, students, professionals and others interested in research on alternative renewable energies can become members of AMEVA.

We are now quite advanced because we have the website through which we are allowed to appeal you all to ask you to support these efforts, by joining us and giving us all your recommendations.

Thank you for visiting our website.