The association works for :

Creation of a permanent participatory exchange framework between researchers and specialized industrials and concern them by the field of clean alternative energies through debates organized in conferences and meetings through:

  • The organization of scientific events (conferences, seminars, congresses, ...)
  • The work to encourage the knowledge and research development for development of materials improving the efficiency of the natural energies conversion into clean alternative energy..
  • The Information and the publication of recent results in the field cited above.
  • The creation of exchange cooperation relations with associations, national and international, of common interest while respecting the commitment and principles towards the purpose for which the association was created and far from any political or ideological thought.
  • Promote the similar initiativesemergence following the same objectives.
  • Participate and encourage the knowledge exchange and the information dissemination.
  • The scientific research popularization, in general and in clean energyfield in particular, at the educational institutions level.
  • Involve citizens in the renewable energies development.
  • The association can develop training programs inenergy field for students and any other person interested in continuing education benefit.
  • The reports, articles, journals and books publication related to the disciplinary field.
  • The use of all reports and documents related to the disciplinary field and organizational structures working in the field of alternative energy studies.